Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Because it is almost winter and cold and snowy (HAHAHAH I WISH) I decided to use this second post to display my favorite winter themed pictures!

This is Murdock the Icicle and Eugene! Aren't they cool? Yes, yes they are. They are my favorite little winter heroes. Too bad I never actually wrote their story.

And this is Murdock alone. Personally, while I thought the York Peppermint Patty hair was hilarious, I like my design better. No hard feelings?

(Sidenote: If Murdock was to have his own Christmas cartoon, he was to be voiced by Gilbert Gottfried! Or Rachel E doing a bad Gilbert Gottfried impression, we never quite got that straight.)


The Celebrated Author said...

I pretty much love them. And by "them" I mean both the drawings, and the characters.

Rachel D said...

Thanks. :)

Someday I'll finish their story.

Anan said...