Monday, December 1, 2008

Opening post!

As you can obviously tell, this is an art blog. To explain somewhat further:

Being the attention whore that I am, I decided that I would make a blog where I could post things I have randomly drawn over the course of my life, since I'm sick of just having them on my computer.

Make sense? Good.

A lot of the stuff here is just going to be weird but I had fun when I drew it so yay.


Oh god, that sucks so hard. This is about 4-5 years old, and it's the picture I drew when I first actually started drawing. Obviously it's terrible and I'd like to think that my skills have at least improved somewhat since this, but yeah. Regardless, it is art!

Feel free to post any and all comments, whether they be constructive criticism or all-out bashing, it's all good to me. Because I am an attention whore. :P


Rebekah said...

Ahahahaha I laugh now
And I actually found this blog!!! I am shocked.
And you NEEEED to put all your "art" from KS!!! That stuff was soo funny and weird that you need to do it! Yes! Just do it.

Rachel D said...

I only just made this blog today and yes I will because it is so scary and hilarious. But I have to scan it all first.

Should I put up the picture I drew of Gollum when I was 7 yes/no?

Lauriinnc said...

You have definitely improved!
( the pic you made when you were 7)

Agent Delta said...

You need to put up a picture of Gsteve sooner rather than later.

Rachel said...

That will be the plan for tomorrow! I have a lot of him. The ones in my math notebooks are the best because I haven't put them up anywhere yet.

And the math puns are so bad that you might die. Just a fair warning.

The Celebrated Author said...

You really like that phrase, don't you? (The one I will not be able to say for about 3-6 more years, that is.)