Thursday, January 22, 2009

Muffin Suit

Martin was Rachel E and my little Irken character that we always drew in a muffin suit and was our mascot for... napkin selling. I always imagined him as being really mad all the time and wanting to shoot people.

So this is him with a gun and also the cheese gun, which is a gun that is made of cheese that shoots cheese. (The problem with the cheese gun, however, was that by using it, it would overheat and eventually melt. Which is why it is dripping.)

(Thinking back, I actually role-played as him in a MH Chat once, in which he screamed at everyone, tried to shoot people, stole a car [or possibly a spaceship, I can't remember] crashed it and broke his arm. In the months afterwards I drew him with his arm in a sling.)


The Celebrated Author said...

Oh hey oh hey! When you sent the letter with the money for Bob Dies you drew him in with his muffin suit and melting cheese gun and I still have that!

Rachel D said...

!!! I forgot I did that!! Oh wow that was a long time ago!