Thursday, October 1, 2009

How can it be a dance off if there's no dancing?

On the left, the Ice King from Adventure Time. On the right, 1 from 9.

No, I don't know what this is. Or why 1 is like, 100 times bigger than he should be. (HE USED HIS MAGICAL POPE POWERS. BECAUSE HE IS THE RAGDOLL POPE)

Also this is in no way influenced by my reading of every Adventure Time storyboard that is online. :|

(EDIT: because I called 1 by 9's name by accident whoops)


Anan said...

Should I see "9" I cannot decide!

Rachel D said...

If it is very cheap or you can get it from redbox or something, do it. It's a pretty movie but storywise is kind of meh.

Sarah and I made fun of it the entire time we were watching it and screamed things like "RAGDOLL POPE AND HIS POP HAT" and "SHE'S BATMAN" even though 7 was more like Hawkgirl but anyway.

Rachel D said...

"POPE HAT" not pop hat, but it would be awesome if he had a hat that popped. Or was made of pop/soda. Or pop rocks!

I would like a hat made of pop rocks.