Friday, March 13, 2009

problematic? maybe

Was going to draw something new, but instead I figured I'd showcase my ongoing love affair with the name Walter.

An illustration in my old French notebook of a story I wrote for class. The French is supposed to mean "I love your kidney".

The jist of the story is this:

Eugene's mother's brother, Walter, is coming over for the holidays. Eugene hates his uncle because Uncle Walter likes to jump out from behind doors and scream "FEAR MY MUSTACHE" and Eugene finds this obnoxious. (He is actually most annoyed because it gets him every time and he usually screams and he doesn't like being made fun of.)

So Eugene decides he is going to get back at his uncle by waiting in the park where his uncle takes walks every morning, and then jumping out from behind a tree and screaming the aforementioned (and pictured) phrase. Uncle Walter is upset and goes back home. THE END.

I reread it two months back and couldn't stop laughing because I named him Walter. I always forget that it's been a very longstanding love affair.


(two sidenotes: tagged under murdock because it takes place in the same universe, as it were. and no my love of the name does not come from Watchmen; that was just an added bonus)

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